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Serviços & Vigilância Regulatória:

Portfolio Accounting services - Insurers services

CACEIS handles accounting and NAV calculation for Institutional clients such as Insurance companies (Life & non-Life, general account assets directly-owned or via mandates, dedicated funds, ring-fenced funds) and Banks (prop trading).

BREXIT & Asset Management

Keep an eye on the latest evolutions of EU-UK relationships. Be aware of the Brexit impact on asset management activities

Bridge Financing - Private Equity & Real Estate solutions

The development of an all-inclusive offer - combining CACIB, CACEIS and Indosuez Wealth Management offers - allows the Crédit Agricole Group to differentiate itself from its competitors by developing a full-fledged financing offer, supported by a dedicated team, to leading private equity, real estate and infrastructure funds, to address their equity bridge and treasury needs.

TEEPI - The Funds Networks

CACEIS imagined TEEPI as a data exchange network to simplify and boost relationships between financial institutions & asset managers. For instance exchange of regulatory files like Solvency II (TPT) or PRIIPS.

Price management

Price management adapted to your profile. CACEIS Pricing teams value portfolios using multiple price sources, enabling our clients to select their recovery points and preferred data sources for closing prices, quotation types, etc.

Data characteristics management

A dedicated and centralized Data Management. CACEIS has developed a repository that holds all the categories of data you need to manage your business and generate your reports.

Regulatory Reporting services - Asset administration

CACEIS offers a wide range of standard regulatory reports for any assets, markets, regulation, which we will send to the regulator in compliance with current regulations and on time.

Fund administration services - Asset Managers solutions

Customisation and industrialisation rarely go hand in hand. However, our Fund Administration business line has identified the strengths of both approaches and, in doing so, has managed to forge a model that uses the best of both worlds, allowing controlled costs yet high adaptability.

Notícias, Press Releases, Eventos & Interviews:

  • Delivering sustainable governance with purpose

    Delivering sustainable governance with purpose

    10/15/2021 - Pat Sharman, Country Managing Director, UK, talks about CACEIS’s growth focus in the UK across the asset management and pension scheme sectors, with a focus on becoming the independent sustainable governance partner with choice, that’s supported by a client-first ethos.

  • Strategic choices for asset management in 2021

    Strategic choices for asset management in 2021

    04/28/2021 - In this survey, Funds Europe, in partnership with CACEIS, examines where priorities lie for asset managers in crafting their product strategies and fund governance for a world after Covid-19. We examine the growing importance of ESG and climate change factors in shaping investment strategies and investor preferences. We also explore steps to promote diversity and inclusion in the funds industry.

  • Why fund governance is crucial in uncertain times?

    Why fund governance is crucial in uncertain times?

    11/19/2020 - 26 November 2020 - 12h15/13h00 CACEIS Talks Series webinar Watch the replay

  • Fund Governance – The Issues, the Outlook and the Solutions

    Fund Governance – The Issues, the Outlook and the Solutions

    07/10/2020 - CACEIS and Funds Europe presented their latest research report on Fund Governance, a key topic affecting the fund industry today, during a Webinar which was held on July 9, 2020. Discover the details from the survey.